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Djurs Sommerland

Scandinavia's largest summerland

Ready for speed, thrills and fun for all the family? Then look forward to Denmark's biggest roller coasters, the huge Aqua Park and more than 60 rides for kids of all ages. Come and see for yourself why Djurs Sommerland was voted the best summerland in Scandinavia four years running - and try this year's most enticing new ride - if you dare! 

DrageKongen - Europe's fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster

DrageKongen has woken from its 1,000-year sleep, and will hold you in its iron grip. With a jolt, the monster hurtles through the temple before rising to a height of 30 metres with your legs dangling freely in the air. Feel the rush of adrenaline, when suddenly you dive down at a hair-raising speed of 85 km/h through the subterranean lair with its razor-sharp bends. DrageKongen is Europe's fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster. Gear yourself for 825 metres of speed, mystery and thrilling weightlessness on this year's biggest new roller coaster.

Denmarks biggest roller coasters

For speed freaks, there are many more fantastic roller coaster experiences in Djurs Sommerland. Hold onto your hats and cutlasses when Piraten hurtles down from a height of 32 metres at 90 km/h. And feel the spindrift on your face when Northern Europe's biggest water coaster, Skatteøen, drops you into the raging rapids at 70 km/h. You can also hop into Juvelen's ATVs and experience speeds of up to 85 km/h on Denmark's longest roller coaster.

Bondegårdsland - for children and their playful parents

There is speed and fun for all the family in the large Bondegårdsland with as many as 10 rides and attractions. Why not try a free-fall from the water towers, or flying along the roller coaster in a flurry of chicken feathers. How about a spin in the rotating cowshed? Or perhaps a jump-around on the crazy frogs? Bondegårdsland is filled with fun for everyone.

Big green oases and huge Aqua Park 

After exploring the eight exciting themed areas with all the rides and attractions, take a relaxing break in one of the park's many green oases. You can also satisfy your hunger at the saloon in the Wild West or in the pirates' secret pantry. And don't forget to visit the huge Aqua Park, where the sunshine can be enjoyed by the water's edge or at full speed on one of the many water slides. A favourite with water lovers large and small.                        

Magical Halloween

When the days become darker, it's time for scares and fun for all the family. Come to Magic Halloween in Djurs Sommerland, where you will find 25,000 pumpkins, rattling skeletons and real witches. You can also look forward to two Halloween Haunted Houses: HekseSkolen, an enchanting experience for all the family, and GræskarFabrikken, where scares lurk round every corner.

Bring your family to Djurs Sommerland, where you will be kept amused for days!  Remember, all the rides are free once you have paid your admission. 




The Djurs Sommerland success story


In 1981 2 visionary men looked out over a piece of flat land in Djursland in East Jutland and saw a summer land full of happy guests. It would turn out to become an amusement park with international prestige and recognition.

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